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Pejac: New Street Pieces - Paris, France

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Pejac recently spent some time in Paris, France where he worked his way through a couple of new street pieces including the above piece which is entitled “Ants”.
With his minimalist but clear style, he painted 2 silhouettes of kids being cruel with magnifying glass on what looks like colony of ants. But, instead of burning ants which is always an interesting game to play, these kids are burning little humans. The artist used the texture of raw concrete wall, and painted these little men to look as a realistic colony of ants. Juxtaposed with flat silhouettes of children, the tiny creatures shown with their shadows and in perspective, look very fragile and harmless. The Spanish artist also painted two extra pieces including a surrealistic and amazing door.
Check out more photos of the new pieces after the jump and come back soon for more mural updates from Pejac. This piece can be seen in person @ Avenue de 8 Mai 1945, Vitry-sur-Seine, Paris.

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Moi meme: 1/5 pairings

Nick and Jess: “I love you and someday we’ll make this work.”

I have your back. No matter how stupid it gets. And you and I both know it can get really, really stupid.

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Randomly? No way. You put it out there, Jess!

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Kash: I’m sorry we can’t fool around.
Ian: It’s cool. I get it.

Ian goes from trying to avenge the man he thinks he loves to not giving the slightest shit about him in the span of one episode to the next. Behold the power of Mickey Milkovich.